magnetic track lamp in the living room

Why Magnetic light popular in those year?

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With the rise of the minimalist style, more and more modern styles of decoration choose linear lighting.
Low-voltage magnetic track light: The low-voltage magnetic track light is magnetically attracted to the low-voltage rails. The advantages are also obvious. The low-voltage power supply is also safe. The lamps are easy to install and can be installed by hand. Completed, eliminating the cumbersome process of installing lamps.
In the case of power, you can mix various types of magnetic lamps according to various needs. The combination of low-voltage magnetic track can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall. You can mix it with your favorite ones. modeling. The convenience of installation and simple style have been very popular among interior designers in recent years. The most widely used embedded magnetic track designed by the majority of trend designers
What is Magnetic Linear Lights System Feature:
Linear magnetic combination lighting is a lighting product or system that is classified from the appearance of the lamp. Based on the requirements of the mounting groove, the long strip shape is used as the basic form.
Lamps are miniaturized;
The appearance is linear;
The product is modularized;
The modules are integrated;
The lighting methods are diversified;
The accessories are diversified.
Meantime, it is not limited to space, any place, ceiling and wall installation of various environments.