magnetic track lights installtion

tips : before install the Cool magnetic track lamp

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In the past two years, the design of “no light without light” has become a fashionable trend. Many friends are excited about the magnetic absorption track lamp with simple lines and full sense of science and technology.

How to install the magnetic track lamp? How to choose? Let’s learn about it today.

The magnetic absorption track lamp is designed to stabilize the lamp assembly on the track through the form of magnetic absorption and buckle. The whole track is like a low-voltage safety “patch board”, whether it is chandeliers, spotlights, floodlights can be installed directly without any tools.

NO. 1 What is magnetic track lamp?

Its biggest advantage is high flexibility, installation and removal are very convenient. You can flexibly match different types and quantities of track lamps according to various needs. If the power is allowed, you can use them on the track according to the purpose, and match your own linear style.

Magnetic track lamp is a new type of lamp that many urban men and women who pursue fashion and like minimalism like. However, there are some differences between this kind of lamp and traditional decorative lamp. If you also like its cool appearance and want to install magnetic track lamp at home, you can understand these practical problems in advance!

NO.2 Selection time of magnetic track lamp

The biggest difference between the installation of magnetic track lamp and traditional decorative lamp is that the traditional decorative lamp can be purchased at the later stage of decoration, because the power has been reserved at the set position during construction, and the preferred style can be directly installed before moving in.

But if you want to magnetic rail lamp, you must complete the purchase before the water and electricity enter the site!

This is because the magnetic absorption track lamp generally adopts the hidden installation (that is, the “concealed installation”), in addition to the need to reserve the power line, it also needs the carpenter to do the base track embedding.

There are many kinds of magnetic track lamps. Different length, depth and height of products determine different base methods and reserved positions, which affect the smooth construction period. Therefore, the fixed magnetic track lamp, like the fixed central air conditioner, needs to be selected in advance!

No. 3 The skill of choosing and purchasing magnetic track lamp

Now there are many channels to choose and buy magnetic track lamps, and there are many kinds of brands. It’s really easy to choose. Here are two tips for shopping:

1. To buy a lamp, set the track first, set the light source according to the track, and set the power source according to the light source

Magnetic track lamp is mainly composed of three parts: power supply (also called drive transformer), track and light source (that is lamps). You can “pack” or purchase separately, but the correct order must be to choose the track first. Because after the orbit is determined, the appropriate light source can be matched according to its width, and the size of the driver can be determined according to the number of light sources.

2. Ask about the content of the quotation

Generally, the magnetic track lamp is sold according to the number of meters of the track. The physical store has a selling price of 1000, and Taobao also has a selling price of about 100. When purchasing, pay attention to the content of the price, whether it only includes the track or the driver and light source. First, it should be broken and then it should not be disordered, so as to avoid later wrangling.

No. 4 Installation and repair of magnetic track lamp

Whether the installation of magnetic track lamp needs suspended ceiling depends on whether you want to install it on the surface or in the dark?

If you want to install it in a concealed way (that is, to embed the track into the top surface and hide it, leaving only the light source outside, which is the most common installation method at present), you need the ceiling, and it must be fully suspended. The depth of the ceiling depends on the height of the selected track. Generally, the ceiling with light steel keel is 8-10 cm, and the wooden keel is at least 7 cm, which can meet the requirements of concealed magnetic rail lamp.

If you have limited space and can’t suspend the ceiling, or you don’t want to rework in the later stage of decoration, but you want to install the magnetic absorption track lamp, you can choose the open installation method (the track is exposed outside) or the suspension line installation. It’s just that the beauty of this way is relatively poor.

Warm tips: it is necessary to reserve the manhole

It is very important to reserve access for installation of magnetic track lamp. This belongs to the details of the construction level. It is mainly for the future use of magnetic track lamp when the lamp is not on.

For self installation, special instructions should be given to the workers when embedding the bottom (if there is a designer, TA will make a disclosure on site, so you can save a lot of worry ~).

Otherwise, if all of them are hidden in the ceiling, once there is a problem, the maintenance will take a lot of effort!