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How much is the LED light belt per meter?

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Many friends pay attention to the price of the light belt before they buy it. There are many kinds of light belts on the market, which make people dizzy. So how can they know the price of the light belt they want to buy? Let’s popularize it today.

As early as more than ten years ago, LED light strip has been widely used in urban lighting, beautiful night scenery, interior decoration and other aspects in China. Now, the application scope of LED light strip is more and more broad.

From the definition, LED light strip is a special process to weld the LED light on copper wire or ribbon flexible circuit board, and then connect to the power supply to emit light. Because this light shape is like a light strip, it has the name of LED light strip. Generally, the color of LED lights is changeable, and the light can be adjusted, and the color change can also be controlled, which has a prominent advantage in the visual effect decoration. Led ribbon is one of the most commonly used types of ribbon, which is widely used. So, how much is the average LED light per meter? I believe many people are more concerned about this.

1. Very mature products, almost all of them have good quality, mainly depends on the power supply. The price of LED light belt depends on the number of LED light pieces per meter. The number determines the wattage and brightness. The price ranges from 12 to 60 yuan. Generally, 3528 and 5050 light pieces are used, and the price difference between waterproof and non waterproof is about 3-8 yuan.

3. Different manufacturers have different prices for light strips, so you should choose famous brands. For example, xinshengkai optoelectronics is a professional manufacturer of LED light strips with 14 years of industry R & D and production experience. Its products are sold to various regions at home and abroad all the year round, and its product quality is reliable. The special price is usually between 12 and 40 yuan.

4. High voltage light belt is waterproof light belt, light color can be white, warm white, red, green, blue and yellow; can be used outdoors, the voltage is 85-265V wide voltage; low voltage light belt is divided into three specifications; streaking drop glue waterproof drop glue; never waterproof to waterproof to outdoor waterproof three grades; light color can be customized; high voltage DC monochrome is generally 8 yuan a meter! Low voltage 12 yuan to buy a transformer, low-voltage security point, colorful RGB 20 yuan, if waterproof is more expensive, if only from the two kinds of light band, the price of LED light band is almost the same, but from the overall cost, it is not the same, because the high-voltage LED light band is equipped with high-voltage power supply, generally a power supply can take 30-50 meters LED light band, and relatively speaking, the high-voltage voltage is high It’s cheaper. The low-voltage LED light belt should be equipped with DC power supply. Generally, the power of 1 meter 60 bead 5050 LED light belt is about 12w-14w, which means that each meter of light belt should be equipped with about 15W DC power supply. In this way, the cost of low-voltage LED light belt will be higher than that of high-voltage LED light belt. Therefore, from the overall cost point of view, the price of low-voltage LED light belt is slightly higher than that of high-voltage LED light belt.

The above is a specific introduction to “how much is a meter for general LED lights”. Although they are all reference prices, there may be some deviation according to the differences of regions, brands and quality, they are relatively practical. In addition, it is necessary to remind consumers to have a good understanding of the product design and the accompanying instructions before purchasing the LED light strip, so as to identify the quality of the product to a certain extent. Of course, the brand products purchased by regular businesses are still guaranteed, and consumers can buy and use them at ease.