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USKYLED is committed to providing you the best-LED lighting & lighting solution and best service and efficient communication of understanding with strong technical support.
Contractor or lighting designer them choose USKYLED lamps to transform interior spaces with the fine play of light manipulation. We’ve worked with commercial hotels, retail boutiques, residential homes, apartments, to even pop-up stores and events by offering lighting solutions to discerning owners and designers who see light as more than just illumination.
We can supply from trim-less models to even custom-designs, all of the USKYLED styles complement and enhance various interior elements to highlight a space’s best feature. 
We value individualism and often work with various architects and interior design firms to come out with a capsule collection of lighting product. This form of unique collaboration calls for precise craftsmanship allows for customization and ensures exclusivity, simply because we honor the value of pure light enjoyment within spaces. 

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Lotus Liu USKYLED sales manager
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Brian Yao Technical Engineer
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